JI Kang Energy Socks

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JI Kang Energy Socks Improves Quality of Life.
Soothe, relieve, repair, remove, rejuvenate, restore and detox the damaged soft tissues in your body.
Feel the power and be empowered throughout the healing process.
Perfect gifts for loved ones too!
 Ji Kang Energy Therapeutic Health care Socks
Daily use of Ji Kang field guided Energy Socks implanted into the socks, enhances body balance and to restore self-healing healthy body. Help promotes blood circulation, anti-fatigue, bowel movement and micro-circulation within the foot. Perfect for those who suffer from cold feet. Reflects heat back into the foot to ease pain,eliminate foot odour and absorbs perspiration.
Warning: Not suitable for people for early hemorrhagic disease, pregnancy, epilepsy, surgery after three weeks and taking anticoagulants.

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